PhD level programs

1 Entrance Examination Doctoral candidates need to be tested their foreign language skills, professional courses and design theories. In the year 2018, the admission ratio is 22/443.

2 Training goals Design theories and systematic specialized knowledge of design arts discipline Innovation abilities and scientific research independently English literature reading abilities Mental health

3 Educational systems Flexible 3-6 years schedule The first year is for degree courses study, such as theory study, skills training and design practices The other years are for scientific design research The whole cultivation process is under the guidance of supervisor and experts group. The supervisor teams are all professors with doctorates and experts with knowledge background of design arts discipline

4 Degree required 15 credits (not less than 70 for degree courses, not less than 60 for other courses, 3 credits needed for practice) Two or more indexed academic papers published Dissertation for doctoral degree

5 Directions
Design arts histories and theories
Focus on research on ceramic history, culture and archaeology, including ceramic archaeology and technology archaeology Aiming at forming a unique teaching and research system on histories and theories of ceramic arts design

Traditional hand-made ceramic crafts and decoration techniques
Inheriting Chinese traditional hand-made ceramic crafts, but aiming at research, innovation and promotion for modern ceramic design, creating new decoration forms

Product design and ceramic materials
Focus on new design concept and methodology, creating new kinds of ceramic products. Promoting the design and manufacture level of ceramic products Establishing a common platform for product design and business in order to serve the whole ceramic industry

Environmental design and ceramic engineering
Focus on interdisciplinary research on modern environmental design, ceramic crafts and material Research on current design issues such as relationship between urban development and historical and landscape, form expressions between ceramic material and environmental ceramics, public environmental ceramics research, integration of green ecology and environmental

Ceramic art and heritage of Jingdezhen Royal Kiln
Research on the establishment, evolution, management system of Jingdezhen Royal Kiln Research on the historical and artistic value of the Jingdezhen Royal ceramics, including the porcelain production costs and crafts

Visual and digital arts design
Focus on further exploration of digital media arts, visual communication arts, animation arts including package design for ceramic products, ceramic derivative products of cultural creativity, digital ceramic culture museum, porcelain brands promotion, design and exploration for digital interaction Promotion design contextual research among cultural lives, visual forms, digital media