Bachelor level programs

1 Bachelor’s degree: major of product design, 4-year schedule Major courses: procedure and user research of product design, product Ⅰ, product Ⅱ, product Ⅲ, ceramic product design, ceramic tile and bathroom products design, consumer electronics design, interaction design, service design

2 Bachelor’s degree: major of digital media arts, 4-year schedule Major courses: 3D animation design 1, non-linear editing, animation 2, digital illustrator, digital image effect, digital voice editing, micro film creation, VR design, interface design, digital graphic, animation principles, game figures design, game scene design, VR exhibition design, film pop design, column planning

3 Bachelor’s degree: major of visual communication design, 4-year schedule Major courses: fonts design, layout design, graphic creation, pressing techniques, graphic design, pop photography, packaging design, interface design, book binding, design conspectus, history of modern design

4 Bachelor’s degree: major of environmental design, 4-year schedule Major courses: space design, design sketches, architecture and environmental modeling, design principles of architecture, design principles of interior, design principles of landscape, design series courses of architecture and interior, interior furnishings design, environmental landscape design of living area, square and environmental design

5 Bachelor’s degree: major of public arts, 4-year schedule Major courses: space cognition and experience, landscape arts design, sculpture basis, integrated material application, plastic arts, ceramic arts, public arts and engineering, installation arts, environmental ceramics, fresco arts design, public arts creation

6 Bachelor’s degree: major of ceramic arts (ceramic & glass), 4-year schedule Major courses: design and production of decorative sculpture, glass art casting,glass art fusing ,glass technology, Research on Materials(Ceramics and Glass), glass casting, Decoration of glass art, stain glass art, ceramics handcrafted, Functional Ceramic Art Creation, decoration technology for ceramic, hot glass art

7 Bachelor’s degree: major of ceramic arts (jewelry design), 4-year schedule Major courses: chromatics, aesthetics, pattern design, jewelry generality, history of Chinese arts & crafts, ceramic jewelry design, old pottery jewelry design, wax carving and casting, enchasing craft, metal weaving techniques, modern textile fiber arts, jewelry packaging and exhibition design, contemporary expression of jewelry design

8 Bachelor’s degree: major of ceramic arts, 4-year schedule Major courses: History of Chinese Ceramics, Blue and white Decoration of Ceramics, Throwing Ⅰ,Clay-strip Forming, modern painting on porcelain, traditional painting on porcelain, famille painting on porcelain, plaster mold casting, Experimental Ceramic Art Creation

9 Bachelor’s degree: major of ceramic arts (ceramics), 4-year schedule Major courses: environmental ceramic design, living ceramic creation, experimental ceramics, application of firing kiln and other equipment, plaster mold casting, slab modeling, throwing 1, throwing 2, vessel design, integrated material design and experiment.

10 Bachelor’s degree: major of ceramic arts (experimental), 4-year schedule Major courses: potters art basis, handcrafted modeling, ceramic techniques, application of clay and glaze, art glaze made, firing and building kiln, texture and characteristic of porcelain clay, integrated application of glaze and clay